About me

Hi, I am Irene, a student at Georgia Institute of Technology pursuing Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and minor in Economics. I am passionate about Artificial Intelligence, especially in the field of Deep Learning. My research interest includes natural language processing and systems for optimized training and inference of various Deep Learning models.

My Research

I am currently part of Georgia Tech’s Systems for Artificial Intelligence Lab(SAIL) and Social and Language Technologies (SALT) Lab. In the former lab, we study and develop systems for resource management of Machine Learning in a distributed settings. Here, my current research focuses on securly utilizing private data from multiple users to train a model and training high-accuracy supernets for various DL tasks. In the latter lab, we study social aspect of natural language processing. In this lab, I have worked on a project where we studied and developed humor classifier and generator. These models were interfaced as a chatbot for the use of the general public.

In 2020, I was involved in Seoul National University’s Software Platform Lab. Here, we analyzed various deep learning tools and architectures with the goal of developing an optimized deep learning platform for faster training and inference. In the lab, I studied input pipeline for various deep learning architectures in order to develop a faster input pipelining system(papers).

Earlier in 2020, I was part of the Lemotif project led by Alice Li & Devi Parikh, for which I created an IOS application. Lemotif is an intuitive journalling tool that embodies semantic analysis and image generation.


At Georgia Tech, I am involved in Honors Program Living Learning Community. In the program, we actively engage with our faculty to explore each field of study in depth. We try to advance the Georgia Tech mission of “Progress and Service” as we pursue our degree at Georgia Tech. One of the most meaningful courses that I took as part of the program was Near Peer Mentoring. In this class, we explored social bias in education and mentored high school students who are affected by this bias.

I was part of the leadership team of Data Science @ Georgia Tech (DSGT) and Hacklytics throughout the 2020 school year. DSGT is a community of students passionate about data science. We held workshops and various tech talks to help our data scientists pursue their passion. At DSGT, as a Corporate Outreach person, I reached out to potential club sponsors and maintain relations with our current sponsors as well as plan guest talks. Hacklytics is an annual data science hackathon hosted by DSGT. Here, I worked under Operations Team also as a Corporate Outreach person. We organized various workshops and special guest talks so that we can provide the best experience for our participants. (If you are interested in joining DSGT or Hacklytics team please reach out to me!)

I am also a member of Programming Team at Georgia Tech. We learn and study various data structures and algorithms ,and prepare for programming competitions such as ICPC.


B.S. Computer Science with Minor in Economics : Georgia Institute of Technology, 2019.8 ~ Present